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Types of Irish Dance

Irish Dance is a traditional dance form of Ireland and is performed in both, group as well as solo. The dance is performed for social events, performance purposes and for competitions too. The dancing is inspired in modern days from different other forms like French quadrille and English country dancing evolving into more beautiful form. The dance is taught for a particular period by a teacher travelling all the places in Ireland and also teaches other dance forms for different purposes. The Irish dance from became an important tradition and a part of Irish culture specially during the Nationalist movements. Many organizations promoted the dance form and encouraged to move into the standardised and structural dance style. They have succeeded in their part so far.

The Irish solo dance became popular from the dance show Riverdance and it includes the well-known dance style of Irish step-dancing. This is practices all across the Irish diaspora. The step-dancing is basically a dance from where the upper body is intricate and the foot works are majorly done. Other solo Irish dance forms are sean-nos dance which is more relaxed dance form and is performed as a social dance style, improvising dance pattern. The other solo Irish dance is festival Irish dance which was separated from the step-dancing in the late twentieth century.

Let us know about the different types, in a brief format:


It is an amazing representation of Irish culture and Ireland’s art. This dance form became a part of the most famous pop culture after Riverdance gained popularity and the fans started following the show seriously. The show gained the focus and hearts of millions of people and encouraged many fans and aspiring dancers into this dance form. The dance-form is very interesting to watch where people try to keep their upper body still and show some amazing footwork. Sometimes the footwork is so quick and seem so effortless, but actually when it comes to learning requires a lot of practices with the complexity it owns. The dance form Originated in the natives of Ireland and still stealing the show with the effortless execution and grace of the rhythm.

Sean-nos dance;

This is the old-style form of Irish dancing and has its origins from the western regions of Ireland. It is a very unique dance form and was only known in the small part of the Ireland till late twentieth century. It differs in the footwork where the work remains lower to the ground as compared to the step-dancing.